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Lative is a sales performance, efficiency and planning platform that enables modern revenue teams running Salesforce to supercharge their sales performance.

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Cost-Efficient Growth, Sustainable Revenue, Profitability

Why Lative?

For much of the last two decades companies were valued on a multiple of revenue and growth rate, which resulted in companies focusing on “growth at all costs.” 

This approach has given way to a renewed focus on core business principles: sustainable revenue, cost-efficient growth, and profitability.

We built Lative to help businesses stay focused on these goals using data to guide their decisions. 

How Lative Works

Lative helps modern revenue teams reinvent how they measure and manage capacity planning and sales efficiency in Salesforce to maximize profitable sales growth. Our platform lets you move away from time-consuming manual data pulls, complicated custom models and endless spreadsheets that are driven by too many guesses and assumptions creating inaccurate capacity plans.

Take a real-time, always-connected approach to continuously monitor revenue performance as it happens. Identify risks and opportunities for improvement sooner, and make smarter hiring and investment decisions for the future with more data and less guesswork.

Who Uses Lative?

The world’s best-performing revenue teams use Lative. Our solution helps improve collaboration between revenue-impacting teams and uncover opportunities to improve performance and meet and exceed your targets.

Lative makes forecasting sales team capacity in Salesforce easy and accurate and helps revenue teams avoid over or under-allocation of resources, ensuring high rates of productivity and more predictable and profitable revenue growth.

Sales Leaders

Accurately justify investment and hiring plans and adjust with agility to hit targets with confidence

Revenue Operations

Continuously monitor and improve sales capacity and efficiency to maximize profitable sales growth

Finance Teams

Connect revenue plans and costs to sales performance and measure the operational impact of investment decisions

Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

Lative is a Salesforce Partner and can onboard Salesforce customers within 20 min through the AppExchange.

The Lative integration with Salesforce allows for bi-directional synching in real-time giving you a seamless experience to access and view your data.

*For customers only, you can install a free trial of Lative from the SalesForce AppExchange now. 

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