your Growth Efficiency

What if you were able to measure your Growth Efficiency in real-time and optimise your investment decisions?

Lative is the only platform in the market that can calculate your Growth Efficiency in real-time.

When you define sales productivity as the yield per rep per unit of time, your Growth Efficiency is directly related to your revenue and operating margin allowing you to

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Lative is a real-time growth efficiency platform, empowering you to make better decisions by analysing sales performance with precision and purpose. From the CFO to Revenue Operations, our platform will help optimise your investments and ultimately, elevate your team’s performance and the company’s growth.

Growth Efficiency Platform


Growth Efficiency Metric

A real-time, visual signal of sales productivity per head


Customisable Dimensions

Target specific company activities and investments affecting Growth Efficiency

Sales Capacity Planning

See today’s overall sales capacity and what it would look like in the future



Highlight levers to pull with most impact on Growth Efficiency


Headcount Performance

Real-time measurement of resource utilisation for clear decision making in the face of changing market conditions



Stable, what-if scenario outputs that you can trust to understand past and future decisions

Introducing The GEM (Growth Efficiency Metric) ​

GEM is a first-principles metric tuned to bring clarity to your growth efficiency in real-time, focusing on what matters most: your revenue and operating margin.

That’s how growth is made. That’s how efficiency is created. 

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Let’s transform the way your sales organisations view and manage their business through growth efficiency.

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What if every workday, every hour, every minute was invested intentionally. What results could your team achieve?

There’s a great difference between having access to data and knowing how to use it. And more importantly, why to use it. To be proactive. To think ahead.

At Lative, we provide the tools that empower you to make better decisions, by analysing sales with precision and purpose. From the CFO to RevOps, our platform will encourage you to prioritise your efforts, and ultimately elevate your team’s and the company’s growth. All day. Every day.

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Join an innovative startup that is transforming the way sales organisations view and manage their business.