Increase your Revenue Efficiency

What if you were able to measure your Sales Contribution and optimise your investment decisions in real-time?

Lative is the only platform in the market that can calculate your Revenue Efficiency in real-time and produce Capacity Plans to achieve your goals now and in the future.

Our agile platform allows you to execute decisions faster and benchmark your sales organisation across your business dimensions to know where you stand.

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Introducing The Growth Efficiency Metric (GEM)

GEM is a first-principles metric tuned to bring clarity to your revenue efficiency in real-time, focusing on what matters most: your revenue and sales operating margin.

That’s how growth is made. That’s how efficiency is created.

Who Uses Lative?

The world’s leading sales organizations use Lative to measure and improve their Revenue Efficiency and build Capacity Plans to reach their goals. Read the quotes of our Customers and learn how our modules have transformed their sales organisations to being more efficient and effective.

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