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Improve sales performance, understand cost efficiency and ROI with real-time risk and opportunity assessment, as well as easily simulate future capacity and investment plans with far higher accuracy than how it’s done in organisations today.

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Lative Raises $3 Million in Seed Funding

Lative has successfully raised $3 million in seed funding, having previously raised a $1.5M pre-seed round at the beginning of 2022. This investment will enable us to continue building our cutting-edge sales efficiency, performance and planning software platform, deepen our integrations with strategic partners, further expand our integration partner ecosystem and continue to grow market awareness and customer adoption.



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Simple Capacity Model


Lative Overview

Sales leaders use Lative to accurately justify investment and hiring plans and adjust with agility to hit their targets

Sales Leaders

Sales leaders use Lative  to accurately justify investment and hiring plans and adjust with agility to hit their targets

Revenue Operations

Revenue operations teams use Lative  to continuously monitor and improve sales capacity and efficiency to maximize profitable sales growth.


Finance teams use Lative to connect revenue plans and costs to sales performance and measure the operational impact of investment decisions.


Ethical hiring through growth

why has the practice of adding sales rep capacity to already underperforming sales organizations been tolerated? 

Moving from growth at all cost to revenue efficiency

How to get the most ROI from your sales team and why a successful onboarding improves ramp times

Growth efficiency metrics

Werner shares his expert insights on harnessing data to track and enhance productivity, cost efficiency, and revenue growth.

Predicting sales capacity

Definitions of sales capacity, how companies do it today, and how a capacity platform gives flexibility as things change throughout the year.


Vernon Bubb, Partner of Stage 2 Capital, and Werner Schmidt, Cofounder and CEO of Lative, stopped by the RevOps Co-Op to drop a ton of knowledge around measuring and predicting sales efficiency and sales capacity. Werner and Vernon have a wealth of experience in Revenue Operations. We appreciated Vernon’s additional perspective as a venture capital investor. This was a timely conversation – the market is experiencing a lot of turmoil, causing a significant shift in how investors think about a company’s value.

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