Free Continuous Planning Calendar (for Google Sheets & Excel)

The difference between hitting or missing your quarterly targets often comes down to one critical element: planning.

Lative is excited to unveil the Continuous Planning Calendar Template for Q2’24, your new secret weapon in navigating the complex terrain of sales and go-to-market (GTM) strategies.

Say goodbye to the chaos of fragmented planning and hello to a quarter of strategic alignment and improved sales efficiency.

Continuous Planning Calendar

What's inside?

For early stage (Seed to Series A) startups:

Key activities to set your sales foundation: GTM leadership meetings, pipeline reviews, and OKR updates.

Strategies for keeping a lean team on target, maximizing early wins and setting a scalable growth path.

For mid-late stage (Series B and later) companies:

Expanded activities for larger teams: end-of-quarter countdowns, detailed account segmentation, and comprehensive budget reviews.

Advanced strategies for scaling your sales efforts, refining execution, and leveraging a growing RevOps support system.

With Lative’s template, you’re not just planning; you’re setting the stage for quarter-over-quarter growth, tailored to your company’s stage and size.

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