Free Sales Capacity Model template (for Google Sheets & Excel)

Designed specifically for sales and revenue operations leaders, this intuitive template empowers you to visualize and manage your team’s sales capacity with ease.

Whether you’re planning for the next quarter or adjusting to changes, our template provides you with the tools you need to forecast effectively and make data-driven decisions.

Sales Capacity Model

What's inside?

Simple Sales Capacity Model Tab:

Quota and ramp inputs: enter key assumptions for annual and quarterly quotas, defining the ramp-up schedules for new hires.

Capacity calculations: automatically calculate the total and individual quotas for your team, adjusting for factors like ramp-up progress and team composition.

Output visualization: see the potential earnings capacity of your team based on the inputs you provide. Experiment with different scenarios by modifying inputs and observing the impacts on outputs.

Descriptive Scenarios Tab:

Scenario analysis: Explore how variations in hiring schedules, attrition rates, and productivity improvements impact your capacity and bottom line.

Interactive scenarios: engage with predefined scenarios that demonstrate the effect of specific operational changes, such as delayed hiring or increased turnover, on overall team performance.

Customizable impact assessments: modify scenarios to reflect your specific conditions and assess the potential impacts on your sales capacity.

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