Free Sales Efficiency Workbook (for Google Sheets & Excel)

In the good old days investors encouraged companies to grow at all costs. Now that the bubble has burst, companies must keep one eye on growth while the other is trained on efficiency.

Every department has been impacted, even sales!

At Lative, we believe that Sales ROI and Cost Efficiency are two metrics RevOps shouldn’t live without. That’s why we’re giving you a workbook that can act as a springboard for understanding your organization’s sales efficiency.

A quick snapshot of the sales efficiency workbook

What you'll learn

◆ Sales ROI & Cost Efficiency by Company Segment – If you divide and conquer by your target account company size, this view will allow you to see how your ROI differs by segment. It’s a great way to know whether it really is more profitable to sell into enterprise accounts after all those expenses pile up.

◆ Sales ROI & Cost Efficiency by User Role  – If you’d like to see how different sellers perform, this is your view. Simply update the tables as instructed to display your unique roles, and you’re good to go!

◆ Sales ROI & Cost Efficiency by Quarter – Most SaaS companies have quarterly goals, which makes month-over-month efficiency lumpy. This quarterly view will give you a normalized view of how your team has performed over time.

◆ Understand Trends – A moment in time is useful, but a trend tells a story. See how things have changed over time.

◆ Spot Outliers – When you can see sales efficiency trends, you can more easily spot problems. Now that you know what’s normal, you’ll have an easier time picking up on what isn’t.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is this Sales Efficiency Workbook for?

This workbook was created for early-stage B2B startups with a sales team. It can also be used by larger organizations that only want to analyze one team at a time.

There are better solutions for companies looking to analyze sales ROI and cost efficiency across multiple dimensions simultaneously. For example, if you know sales efficiency differs by product line, geographic region, and vertical, we recommend looking at more sophisticated solutions like Lative.

That said, if you’ve got Excel or Google Sheet chops, these workbooks are a good starting point to build on.

You can choose whether to download the workbook in Excel or duplicate a Google Sheet workbook for your use. 

We’ve built the workbook to accept data from any CRM. We’ve also included instructions on how to run the source reports in the two leading CRMs.

At Lative, we calculate Sales ROI as the revenue sold in a given period divided by the cost of selling, which should combine sales and marketing expenses. 

One of the more complicated facets of this equation is determining cost by dimension. We recommend thinking through (with your finance team) how spend is best calculated by sales representative and normalized per month rather than trying to build a complicated model that accounts for seasonal event expenses. 

We recommend including the following when calculating cost per FTE: 

  • Sales team base salaries
  • Variable compensation, such as commissions
  • Other sales performance incentives/bonuses
  • Marketing costs
  • Burden costs (typically applied as a percentage of compensation to allow for costs like office/overhead, IT, taxes, etc.) 

As you can imagine, the more granularly you’d like to dissect efficiency data by dimension, the faster this exercise gets extremely complex.

For more on why and how we calculate Sales Efficiency, check out this comprehensive article.

At Lative, we simply flip the numerator and denominator of our Sales ROI calculation and take the sum of selling costs in a given period divided by the sum of revenue for the same period. 

For more on why and how we calculate Sales Efficiency, check out this comprehensive article.

Lative is a platform designed for high sales performance, optimized efficiency, and proactive planning. Dive deep into data-driven insights to fine-tune your sales productivity (yield per rep per unit of time). Understand what’s driving success and learn where there’s room for improvement. Equip your team with the tools to consistently reach and exceed sales productivity targets, transforming every challenge into a new opportunity.

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