Free Sales Quota Assignment Template (for Google Sheets & Excel)

Unlock your sales team’s full potential with our intuitive Sales Quota Assignment Template, tailored for modern sales environments.

Designed with your success in mind, this tool will help you streamline your sales process, ensuring everyone on your team is aligned and focused on the right goals.

From new business to upsells and renewals, our template covers all bases, offering clarity and direction in your sales strategy.

What you'll learn

How to structure and assign rep-level sales quotas for new business, emphasizing the ramp-up phase.

Techniques for setting and managing upsell quotas to maximize expansion within your existing customer base.

Best practices for setting renewal quotas, incorporating expected renewal rates and minimizing risk.

Strategies for assessing total deployed sales quota across business segments, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Methods to calculate and apply over-assignment factors, providing a buffer against unforeseen sales challenges.

Insights into aligning team-level quotas with the financial plans, enhancing collaboration between Sales and Finance.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is this Sales Quota Assignment Template for?

The Sales Quota Assignment Template is intended for sales and revenue operations professionals and anyone involved in planning and distributing sales quotas. It’s particularly useful for those in the SaaS industry or businesses with a structured sales team.

You can choose whether to download the workbook in Excel or duplicate a Google Sheet workbook for your use. 

You can customize the template by adjusting the quota figures, ramp-up periods, and other variables to match your team’s structure and sales targets.

Yes, you can find instructions within the template itself and for more detailed guidance, check the accompanying blog post:

Mastering Sales Success: The Art of Setting Sales Targets and Quota Planning 

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