Latest Product Updates: Elevating Sales Insights with Multi-Dimensional Graphs

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At Lative, we are constantly pushing the boundaries to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of modern revenue teams. Our latest suite of product updates is a testament to this commitment, with the introduction of multi-dimensional graphs for enhanced performance and efficiency analysis leading the charge. This feature, along with a host of other improvements, is set to revolutionize your approach to Sales Performance, Efficiency and Planning. 

These graphs allow you to visualize all values within each selected dimension, offering a comprehensive and graphical representation of your team’s performance metrics. By integrating various data points, you can now easily spot trends, identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions that boost overall efficiency. 

Intuitive capacity planning enhancements 

Our capacity planning module has undergone a significant upgrade. We’ve introduced an intuitive +/- interface that simplifies the process of adjusting headcount, productivity, actions and costs. This feature allows you to quickly increase or decrease your resources, seamlessly adding or removing multiple salespeople or actions. It’s all about making capacity planning faster, more flexible and highly responsive to your dynamic business needs. 


Advanced MRR to ARR calculations 

We’ve upgraded the calculation from Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) to Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). This enhancement empowers sales and finance teams with a dual view of performance, efficiency and planning facilitating better strategic decisions and a clearer understanding of revenue streams.  


Tailored ranking tables for precise performance insights 

Ranking tables just got smarter! We’ve updated them to exclusively display values linked to headcounts. This means you can now enjoy clearer, more relevant comparisons of performance metrics within your team. It’s an excellent view for Sales leaders and RevOps teams to gauge individual contributions and foster a competitive, results-driven environment. 


Streamlined team management with enhanced role and manager configuration 

Managing your teams has never been easier. Our enhanced team management feature allows for the precise configuration of roles and managers. This streamlined process ensures effective organization and oversight of your teams, aligning roles and responsibilities more closely with your strategic objectives. 


Headcount adjustment view: current vs. historical 

Compare and contrast with ease using our new headcount adjustment view. This feature offers a side-by-side analysis of current headcount against historical data, providing valuable insights for accurate forecasting and strategic planning. 


Independent CRM start/end date setting 

We’ve now enabled users to set CRM start and end dates independently of manual entries. This enhancement ensures greater precision and adaptability in your sales planning and reporting, providing a more accurate alignment with your business’s unique timelines and goals. 


Efficient team and headcount adjustments with new filters

To make viewing team and headcount adjustments more straightforward, we’ve added ‘All’ and ‘Active’ filters. This enhancement aids users in quickly accessing current status information. 


Additional updates for enhanced user experience 

  • We’ve fixed an issue with currency values on dashboards, ensuring accurate financial reporting for international teams. 
  • Users can now select and view key metrics based on fiscal years in the profile cards, offering a more customized approach to performance and financial planning. 
  • Our dashboards now include opportunities with zero amounts, presenting a complete picture of your sales landscape and helping identify trends and improvement areas. 


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and support your journey towards maximizing profitable sales growth! To learn more, request a democontact us or install a free 30-day trial from the Salesforce AppExchange today.  We’d love to hear from you! 

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