Top-down Meets Bottoms-up…Where Your Productive Capacity Meets Your Quota Plan

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We are thrilled to announce the release of our new planning module which combines top down planning with bottoms up operational data,  transforming your sales planning process by automating and enhancing the precision of how you plan, set, and assign sales targets and quotas. 

What's new

These new features make it easy to take a real-time, always-connected approach to continuously monitor revenue performance across your business dimensions,  model productive capacity in real-time and simulate multiple what-if scenarios  to close gaps and ensure you hit your targets. 

With Lative’s new sales target and quota planning features, you can now seamlessly connect top-down sales plans with bottoms-up performance and capacity, bringing clarity and efficiency to your revenue operations. 

Set targets and expected seasonality

Take a structured approach to set your corporate level target and distribute across business dimensions throughout the year, using historical seasonality and real-time sales productivity, efficiency and capacity to ensure targets are realistic and achievable 

Define your quota over assignment rules

Granularly define quota over assignment ratios by level and across your business dimensions.

Review quota deployed

Review and adjust target quota deployed across levels and business dimensions down to individual team members to ensure that total quota deployed provides enough margin for error to ensure targets are achieved.

Top-down meets bottoms-up Revenue Planning Dashboard

As part of this release, we’ve introduced a new dashboard view that connects top-down target and quota plans with a view of bottom-up operational performance and capacity, as well as gap analysis and planning.

This gives you a comprehensive overview of your sales organization, empowering you to:

  • Identify gaps in real-time: with real-time data insights, you can quickly spot and address any discrepancies between your plans and actual performance.

  • Model multiple what-if scenarios: Our AI-driven modelling capabilities allow you to explore various scenarios, ensuring you are prepared for any situation and can confidently aim to hit your sales targets.

  • Achieve cohesive sales organization: by integrating top-down and bottom-up approaches, you get a unified view of your sales landscape, leading to better decision-making and more accurate forecasting.

Why effective target and quota setting matters

  1. Impact on revenue and growth sustainability: effective quota setting is directly linked to sales outcomes, ensuring that your revenue projections are realistic, and growth is sustainable. By setting achievable targets, you motivate your sales team and drive consistent performance.

  2. Adaptable sales structures: turnover costs are a critical aspect of target and quota planning. Our platform highlights the importance of adaptable sales structures, allowing you to pivot and adjust as needed without disrupting your overall strategy.

  3. Alignment with business objectives: aligning sales goals with business objectives is essential for effective execution. Lative ensures that your sales targets are not just numbers but are deeply integrated with your company’s broader mission and goals.

“I love the approach Lative takes to bring together top-down targets and plans with bottom-up execution and gap planning. People always talk about it but Lative have built it’

Nathan Seldon
SVP Group Commercial Strategy, Marcura

What's next?

The launch of our new target and quota planning features are just the next step in the development of Lative. Our mission is to bring easy-to-use revenue planning and decision-making tools to B2B revenue leaders around the world, helping them use their operating data to cut through all the noise and focus on what’s most important to maximize profitable sales growth and revenue efficiency.  We have more exciting new capabilities rolling out in the coming months, so stay tuned for more updates. 

Discover the future of Sales Planning with Lative

With new target and quota planning capabilities extending Lative’s platform, you can ensure your sales team is always on track to meet their goals and aligned with your company’s strategic vision. Experience the power of connecting top-down plans with bottom-up performance and capacity like never before.  

Ready to transform your sales planning? Get a demo today to learn more about how Lative can help you achieve your sales targets and drive profitable efficient growth.  

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